"Hello and welcome to my work-of-life, the general 'Kivotos(=Ark)' Immigration Management project. It is a personal, modular project consisting of eight sub-systems, all directed towards the one and same goal: to provide a modern, robust, cost-effective, data-driven, integrated and homogenous Civil Service on Immigration in Greece".


- George Matsaridis, 2021 | Concept, Design, Programming.




'Kivotos(=Ark).online' is an Information System built for the facilitation of the management of legal Immigration in Greece, as appears in Law no 4251/2014, 'Immigration and Social Integration Code and other provisions', Government Gazette of the Hellenic Republic, Series A, Issue No 80/01-04-2014". Following novel technological approaches that 'dissect' and represent information in various conceptual layers, 'Kivotos' is the one and only coherent and integrated source of information of its kind. Through robust coding and meticulously designed UX/UI choices, it may offer a compact and cost-effective solution to long-standing public administration malpractices.

The 'Immigration Law Digital Library (1849 to today)' project is  a comprehensive and integrated digital repository regarding Greek legislation documents on Immigration, consisting of hundrends of various kinds of legal texts.It offers unique and modern research tools for those working in the field by integrating into one place and under one organizational schema all written production on the subject. Written in the Wix platform using custom Javascript code, it is updated every time there is a new document in circulation by the central administration. In terms of efficiency, this system promotes 'paperless management', thus manages to significantly lower Public Service's costs for printing paper, printer ink and hardware wear by canceling the need of upkeeping a printed,traditional-form archive of legislation material.

This book (ISBN: 978-618-00-0080-1) analyzes the history of Greek Immigration legislation dating back to early (1849) British and French primary legal sources that influenced the greek legal system (Royal Decrees) up to the latest documents and directives issued by the Ministry of Immigration in Greece. It is a comprehensive, novel study in the field as it reviews for the first time not only the major documents that shaped current Immigration Law in Greece but it catalogues in an extensive way the complete works of central administration for more than 150 years of production. This catalog finally took its digital, database form within the 'Immigration Law Digital Library' project mentioned above.

A historical review of the greek legislation history on immigration (1849-today)


A technically simple yet robust mental representation of the whole process of offering immigration services to the third-country nationals at immigration agencies in Greece. This tool serves as an algorithmic, granular checklist of all necessary steps a civil servant must execute in order to safeguard an administrative outcome of utmost effectivess and excellence. By following this administrative scheme, like the whole 'Kivotos' approach, the Civil Service presents a coherent, homogenous public image to its customers and saves invaluable resources by avoiding detrimental and repetitive actions.

A civil service administrative model

One-Stop Shop:

Roadmap to immigration in Greece


The "Roadmap to Immigration in Greece"  is a decision-support system (DSS) which facilitates the selection of the proper type of residence permit by third-country nationals through a set of predefined and structured questions, built in the Wix platform using custom Javascript code. Its conceptual basis is the abstract representation of the greek Immigration Law (law no.4251/2014) and the graphical workflow that was initially designed and published in 2014 in PDF format. Currently, the "Roadmap" contains 72 predifined questions branching through a system of 133 nodes of binary "yes/no" questions. 



The "Greek-English Immigration and Administration Glossary" is an online lexicon and providing access to dictionary and semantic information on 181, until now, key concepts in the field of Immigration and Public Administration. This tool, built on Wix platform using custom-made Javascript code, uses lexical information from eight (8) different dictionaries and glossaries (EMN, IOM, EU, UNHCR, USCIS, etc), providing this way an integrated approach to the semantics of each term, globally. 

A novel, digitized 'phone book' of all Greek public agencies that provide immigration services. For each agency there is a wealth of information provided, from satellite directions and geographical imagery up to scrutinous statistical mapping of their fields of expertise, along with contact information and actual images of the buildings housing the agencies. A long-sought tool that, once again, brings together an abundance of otherwise scattered and dispersed information, facilitating this way and promoting a top-level Civil Service to third-country nationals.

Geographical & Administrative map


An interactive forum for civil servants working in immigration as a place to discuss problems and exchange best practices.

Discussions forum