Strange coincidences


1. Do dendrites (the input part of a neuron) resemble to physical trees or do physical trees resemble to dendrites? (in Greek, we use the word /dendro/ (the stress goes to "e") to mean "tree". So "dendritic" means "tree-like".)

2. Do "social neurons" are born and die, struggling to adapt to the hosting neural network environment in a darwinian-like manner or maybe we, us members of a society with the same adaptation requirements are an explicit and deterministic manifestation of our own nerve cells?

3. Does a neuron resemble to a modern CPU or may be the modern CPU is a deterministic, unavoidable manifestation and implementation of our own inherent computational structure?

4. Does a neuron cell resemble to an electrical circuit or may be the actual electrical circuits are nothing more than deterministic manifestations/inventions/discoveries of our own inherent structure? Do we actually invent ourselves?

5. Do we choose to dance to the beat or are we driven by the dancing performance of our... cochlea hair cells??

To summarize, what is happening with meta-neuroscientific descriptions, like "a dendrite is like a tree", "a neuron is like a CPU", etc?). What does this metalanguage describe?

  • Does it describe a linguistic metaphor? (A is like B?).

  • Does it just project a physical world property (neuron's circuitry) to an invented property of humankind? (neurons are like circuits?).

  • Or does it ring a bell about correlating the properties of our biological building blocks to invented artifacts or external entities of the outer-world?

  • Could it be that our environment and our understanding of it is just a super-imposed deterministic veto (or unavoidable manifestation) of our elemental biological construction units?

  • Is it possible that implicitly and subconsciously, our brain dictates (decides by itself, autonomously from our conscious states) not only how to behave but actually to unavoidably make us behave in a way that will shape/create an external world similar to its structure?

  • Do we humans tend to create/replicate/invent/understand better those structures that are similar/familiar to the biology/chemistry of the cells of our brain? (roots, branches, paths, "networks"?).

  • Is there any amount of cognitive economy in this in order to be evolutionary preferred?

  • Is there even any wattage efficiency?

  • Is there any reason behind all this or is it just a strange coincidence?

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